• WIP Shifter Go-Kart
  • WIP Shifter Go-Kart

WIP Shifter Go-Kart

WIP standing for “Work In Progress” and putting it up here on the site hopefully will push me to continue and finish the WIP projects.

here the start to build a 3D model of a shifter go-kart with its chassis. using blueprints, photographs and my own kart as references to create an exact 3D rebuild of it with all it’s details in 1:1 to keep the measurements.

the chassis as a base is done … but still a long way to go …
so more to come in building and finishing the final¬†3D model of a ready to go shifter go-kart … as work and available time will allow.

Date: 2013.06.01 Client: personal Skills: 3D Illustration, 3D Modelling, 3D Prototype